Communicating with Board Members

The official method of communicating with the DMCA board or any of its members is using the following email address: Please respect the privacy of board members and do not send communication intended for the board to their personal email or phone. 

Providing Feedback to the Board on Its Meeting Agenda and Minutes 

The agenda of each upcoming meeting of the DMCA board is posted ten days before the date of the meeting on the DMCA website:  Presently, meetings take place on Zoom the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m.  In addition, minutes from past meetings are posted on the DMCA website.

Email your comments using the Lot Owner Comment Form Below  

If you would like to share comments with board members on topics on the board agenda, past minutes or if you have a suggestion or complaint, use one or both methods below to communicate with the board.

 All members of the board will receive your comment and it will be added to the agenda of the next board meeting if it is received at least ten days before the meeting. 

Attend the DMCA board meeting

You can also share your comments at the board meeting during the comment period at the start of the meeting.  Depending on how many other lot owners also want to make comments, you have up to five minutes to provide your input to the board. You can listen to the remainder of the meeting. Please bear in mind that after the comment period, discussion is limited to board members. 

The board meeting takes place over Zoom the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m.  Use the Lot Owner Comment Form to notify the board of your intentions to attend the meeting and you will be emailed information how to attend the meeting over Zoom. 

Notifying the Board About a Loss of Water Service

The board is responsible for management of the drinking water system.  If you experience an unintentional loss of water service, notify the board at as soon as possible so the board can respond to the matter.  

Notifying the Board about Emergencies 

In situations where you see an occurrence in the neighborhood that poses danger to property or life, call 911 or the appropriate public agency (e.g. Colorado Parks and Wildlife 252-6000, Ouray County Road and Bridge 626-5391, Black Hills Energy 888-890-5554) and notify the board at These types of occurrences can include fires, natural gas leaks, flooding, dangerous road conditions, theft or vandalism, and recurring sightings of bears or mountain lions.

Comment Form

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