Next Board of Directors Meeting:  September 11th at 6:00 PM, via Zoom.

DMCA – Board Meeting Agenda 09.11.23




Wood-Perry Ditch Company is a separate legal entity that provides irrigation facility to certain DMCA members.




In situations where you see an occurrence in the neighborhood that poses danger to property or life, call 911 or the appropriate public agency (e.g. Colorado Parks and Wildlife 252-6000, Ouray County Road and Bridge 626-5391, Black Hills Energy 888-890-5554) and notify the board at dmcaboard@outlook.com . These types of occurrences can include fires, natural gas leaks, flooding, dangerous road conditions, theft or vandalism, and recurring sightings of bears or mountain lions.


In Event of Water Loss

The board is responsible for management of the drinking water system. If you experience an unintentional loss of water service, notify the board at dmcaboard@outlook.com as soon as possible so the board can respond to the matter.

Dallas Meadows Community Assoc.

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